For as long as I can remember I have always wondered why there was a “healthy” or “organic” section of the grocery store, and what classified the rest of the store as different. We typically trust what is put on the shelves because it’s what we can access, but one big lesson I’ve learned when it comes to choosing your grade of fuel & source of fuel is to do your research.

It is sickening to read ingredient lists containing toxic additives let alone ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, unknown substances, serve no purpose, or not locally sourced. Imagine if we did not make ourselves actively aware of these things, we would be ingesting harmful ingredients every single day. This is a primary reason and contributor to “normal” American diseases, illnesses, and weakened immune systems we see and hear about all the time.

Therefore, I consciously decided to make a lifestyle switch. I encourage everyone to be conscious about what they put into their bodies. Making the switch from not knowing to knowing each ingredient listed on the label of my food products changed my life both mentally and physically. With months of research and years of working with my health and fitness coach I finally found the formula to feeling my best self.

This and many more reasons have fueled my fire in wanting to spread awareness and share my passion for what I have learned along my health and fitness journey! I hope to inspire you to reach your best potential! What better way to do it from the inside out. Our bodies internal systems are constantly colliding and communicating on a subconscious level to work together in reaching optimal health. Our bodies work to heal on their own on an extremely intuitive level. It is time we let our bodies be our powerhouse and our masterpiece!

Let’s all work together in making one step towards positive change for our body, mind, and soul so we can live a healthy life.

We promise we are here to help, NO BS just real food and real answers to everything you would want in food and more!!!

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